"LEAVE FINER DETAILS WITH THE DETAILS and yourself with unforgettable memories."

Hiring a wedding coordinator today is no longer a luxury but a necessity, changing times, needs and lack of time, most brides and grooms who are involved in demanding careers have no free time to plan their special day.

Planning a wedding is more complicated than ever. Both bride and groom want to be involved with the arrangements but are often preoccupied with their work. Hiring a coordinator also alleviates stress and emotional issues which are dominant when planning a wedding with different parties involved, as well as financial restraints. The coordinator acts as an objective party able to put all in perspective and eliminate the emotions involved between the different parties. The couple to be has high expectations for their wedding, but are novices at organizing such a big event. The coordinator avoids hidden pitfalls and extra expenses due to her wide experience in the industry. She is able to save them money wherever possible. The trend today towards who pays for what has changed due to the high costs of staging a wedding event, the coordinator is able to guide the new couple practically on what budget they have available and will advise them from the onset if the wedding of their dreams is financially viable or to present them with alternate concepts within their budget.

The wedding coordinator can handle the time consuming, stress inducing details and help make planning the event itself an enjoyable experience. The wedding coordinator helps to make the wedding an enjoyable process all round and only good memories remain.

Wedding coordinators provide a variety of services, from the general to the very specific. They can help you determine and stick with a budget based on experience of related and relevant prices in the industry. They can save you lots of time especially if you are looking for unique services such as caterers who specialize in certain menus and photographers with specific talents. Most coordinators carry portfolios of certain necessary suppliers and this will save you time in having to go look at each one.

~ ORGANIZATIONAL TALENTS: A coordinator can handle as little or as much of your wedding as you choose from dress fittings to china selection to arranging of flowers. The coordinator is available on the big day to do the things you can’t do while you are at the hairdresser and make up artist like arranging the alphabetical seating lists, checking that the correct number of place seating has been done, checking on all suppliers involved, coordinating last minute details. Talented wedding coordinators can act as counselors, helping to appease the conflicting opinions of various family members. Coordinators can be especially helpful to couples who are short on time and live far from the location they have chosen for their wedding. The coordinator will also address the little things that a couple may have overlooked. The coordinator's greatest contribution to the wedding plans will be to give the bride and her mother the confidence they need to handle many details on their own. One of the most important attributes of a coordinator is her eye for attention to detail and the consistency of her vision. Most coordinators advise that a wedding takes 6 months to plan but a year would be better. Be honest and realistic about your wedding budget. You may think you are paying your wedding coordinator a lot but bear in mind she is involved in 6 – 12 months work and the overall success of your day. Think how much you are paying your band and florist just for the night in relation to the amount of work she is going to do. You may think instead of paying a coordinator you would rather spend more on your flowers, music and champagne for the reception. But think of it this way: a good wedding coordinator is like a good accountant. Even though you pay for her services, in the long run she saves you time and money and that translates into a happier, memorable and more relaxed wedding day for you.